The Gilded Duke led an army that lost to Baron Klaus Wulfenbach prior to the beginning of the main narrative. The Duke's name and home are unknown. Whether he survived his confrontation with the Baron and where he may be now are likewise unknown. What is known about the Gilded Duke comes from rather minor references in the story.

  • Baron Wulfenbach defeated the Gilded Duke about a year[1] before the beginning of the main narrative. The Duke had an army of construct minions, the Lackya, which the Baron added to his forces, much as he once took the Jägermonsters into his forces. (However, some Jägers would not find the comparison apt ).
  • According to Da Boyz, the last "rebellion vorth spit" against The Baron's Peace was led by "dot magnetic prince guy" three years before the start of the main narrative. Apparently, the Jägermonsters do not consider the Gilded Duke to have led a significant rebellion.


One suggestion for the Duke's identity is discussed at Duke D'Omas/Mad.


  1. According to someone who was presumably there.
  2. Balthazar delivers the exposition.
  3. "The Gilded Duke hunted peasants for sport."

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