Giovanni Battista Piranesi was an Italian artist who lived from 1720-1778. He is famous for two series of etchings. One, the Views (Vedute) depicts the ancient ruins and monuments of Rome. The other Prisons (Carceri) depicts a series of fantastically monumental labyrinths. Some of these look a lot like the inside of Castle Heterodyne (as seen here and here ). Othar is also quoted in this tweet saying the inside of the Castle was "Piranesi big". It seems likely that Carceri was at least some kind of influence on the artistic depiction of the insides of the Castle.

The complete series of Piranesi's Carceri can be viewed here.

The fact that Othar refers to Piranesi suggests that he existed in the Girl Genius World as well. What difference this would made to the images created by that Piranesi is better not speculated on...

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