The Girl Genius Complete List of Absolutely Everybody was an incredibly valuable resource set up by the Professors Foglio at the main Girl Genius site; URL It's sometimes called GGCLAE for short. Basic information on the overwhelming majority of characters in the story appeared there.

A version is still available from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

The GGCLAE wasn't quite perfect; there were a few misspellings and such. For example, the old guy who's Seneschal Emeritus for House Heterodyne appears as Carson von Mekkhan in the story itself , but the spelling in the GGCLAE is von Mekkahn.

They have begun replacing it with cast lists for the individual volumes in the series; currently the site has:

Policy Edit

Note that copying text lock-stock-and-barrel from the GGCLAE into articles here is absolutely forbidden, just as it is from any other copyrighted source. Unlike things in this wiki, material appearing in the GGCLAE is copyrighted and cannot be re-used (except in brief excerpts for "review" purposes) without the authors' permission. If you're planning on writing an article here on someone covered in the GGCLAE, use your own words and ideas, not the Foglios'.

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