Have done a lot as they wait for GG to unfold.

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The people who contribute to this wiki may also be found on the sites below. These are unofficial fan resources, not affiliated with Studio Foglio.

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A lively discussion every week.

Agatha's MinionsEdit

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Girl Genius LARPEdit

The worksEdit

Conventions and CosplayEdit

Help with GG Radio theatreEdit

"I begin to see why I didn't get a good look at these scripts ahead of time." -Kaja

Thanks to TomtheFanboy a lot of the radio plays preformed at Kumoricon have shown up as videos on Youtube.

Old timey RadioEdit

GG radio feed From here it is possible to download mp3's of the early productions of

  • Minor Heros


  • The Sleepy Clank

as done by the early crew of Ms. Goodwin, Mr. Wright, and the Foglios, Kaja and Phil. Be forewarned the stories don't end well. Or rather its not so much that they "don't end well". It's more a matter of "Well, they don't End." The usual Foglio/Heterodyne fun is still to be had.

Please note that the feed hasn't been updated since November 28, 2006

Recreation of artifactsEdit



Fan fictionEdit

See also Category:Fan_Communities

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