The Girl Genius Paper Doll App was created as part of the Girl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburg Kickstarter project, as a bonus for supporters, so they could have a game to play with right away, since the main video game won't be ready until May 2013. The Paper Doll app is currently available in the Apple store. It is currently iOS only, but Stephen Beeman, the developer, has stated that he is confident that he will have it running on Android devices as well, eventually.

The app allows you to to play with electronic versions of the paper dolls, created by the fashion clank (featured in the Revenge of the Weasel Queen side story), which you can dress in different outfits and superimpose over various backgrounds, as well as combine with your own photographs (on devices with a camera). Initially the app only featured paper dolls based on the original four that have been shown in the comic, Zeetha, Agatha, Krosp, and Gil.

According to Beeman, Phil has promised to create additional paper dolls for the app, as one set of stretch goals for the Kickstarter project. Since Krosp is the hero of the Rats of Mechannicsburg game and his original paper doll is a joke that portrays him in a ridiculous light, Phil has promised to create a more heroic Krosp paper doll. In addition, he has promised to eventually make paper dolls for Tarvek Sturmvoraus, Bangladesh Dupree, Moloch von Zinzer, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, Mamma Gkika, Dimo, Maxim, and Ognian.

Version 2 of the paper doll app has come out and is available in the Apple store. It includes more paper dolls: Tarvek, von Zinzer, the Baron, Bang, and Mamma Gkika. You can view the artwork for the paper dolls and download high resolution PDF images on the Paper Doll page on the Girl Genius web site.

The Paper Doll app is free, with the the Krosp and Agatha paper dolls included. The paper dolls for Zeetha, Gil, Tarvek, von Zinzer, the Baron, Bang, and Mamma Gkika can be acquired as 99¢ in-app purchases, as will the remaining dolls when they are added to the app during future updates. All backers of the Kickstarter project at the Citizen of Mechanicsburg level or greater can download the paper doll app and get all of the dolls available for it for free.

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