The Girl Genius Role Playing Game is a upcoming project of Studio Foglio working with Steve Jackson Games. Based on the GURPS[1] system, the system will allow players to play their own adventures in the Girl Genius Universe. The project is considered to be 'in progress' with no release date given yet.

Lady Foglio has indicated that this will contain a large amount of background information, including some from the Secret Blueprints Vol. 1, now available for purchase through in PDF format. There is also some indication that the current storyline may be put on hold for a bit as the final work is done on the RPG, which will allow the new product to be up to date with the storyline at the time of publication.

She has also said this is, effectively, Secret Blueprints, Vol. 2 and therefore somewhat spoilery. They are waiting to get to a natural story break before releasing it so as to preserve the suspense of the tale.

External LinksEdit

GURPS Girl Genius on the SJ Games website

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