Girl Genius and the Rats of Mechanicsburgis a multiplatform game developed by Stephen Beeman.

The Kickstarter for the game was first mentioned on on the same day the comic included a shout out to Stephen by including a street sign saying Beeman Strasse'.

The Kickstarter project launched on 29 November 2012 with a goal of $7,500. The initial goal was met in less than 24 hours. This project was funded on 24 December 2012, with $108,195 pledged by 2,989 backers.

The GameEdit

The game feature Krosp as the main character, piloting a two-legged walker similar to Șoarece (a vehicle Krosp is seen operating in volume 12), but with arms, and using it to battle mechanical mice. According to an announcement by Stephen Beeman on February 11, 2014, the game has just gone Beta for iOS devices and the Android version should soon follow. Beeman says, "the goal is to release [for] Android and iOS simultaneously." He also announced some details of the game:

Weighing in at 144MB, the app contains:

  • 25MB of high-resolution textures created by the inestimable Cheyenne Wright
  • Over 200 lines of dialog recorded by Phil and Kaja, along with professional voice actress and chanteuse Kelly Wright (no relation to Cheyenne)
  • Fifty game levels of deathtraps and deadly mechanical mice (to quote the Castle: "I love these little mechanical mice. They're so cute when they explode!")
  • A whopping 30,012 lines of code

The Kickstarter ProjectEdit

Stretch GoalsEdit

All of the stretch goals were met. The first stretch goal was met before it was announced; the intial funding goal for the project was met so quickly that the project organizer, Stephen Beeman (who is also the game developer), was taken by surprise.

  • $12,500 [unlocked] - Android Support (initially this game was announced as being iOS only)
    • Intended for Android 2.3.3 and up; there may be support for Ouya later.
    • Will follow the iOS version, hopefully within two months.
    • Android-specific reward tiers; do not include the paper doll app, but will include a copy of The Rats of Mechanicsburg app.
  • $25,000 [unlocked] - Cheyenne Wright joins the project to contribute 3-D model texture art.
  • $40,000 [unlocked] - soundtrack (by George "The Fat Man" Sanger) and voice track (Phil, Kaja and the Studio Foglio gang, backed up by other professional voices) will be added to game
  • $75,000 [unlocked] - level editor and PC/Mac/Linux version of the game
    • Expected to be released in the winter of 2013, alongside an update to Android and iOS games
    • Allows users to create custom levels with monsters, game objects, story elements, and scripted events.
    • Free for those who donated the minimum amount in the kickstarter campaign.
  • $100,000 [unlocked] - The Rats of Europa - a level server where you can upload new levels you have created for the game and download and play new levels created by others.
    • Expected by the end of 2013.
    • Level creators will get a town of their own to fill with levels deep in the Transylvanian mountains.
    • Leaderboards to track: most visitors, highest rated by visitors, and visitor deaths.

In addition, new paper dolls for the paper doll app (currently for iOS devices only) have been promised as additional stretch goals as follows:

Stephen Beeman has stated that there will also be a new Krosp I, Emperor of All Cats paper doll, in a heroic pose. Kaja has said something about nekomimi maid outfits for all the characters.

Kickstarter Perks & BenefitsEdit

Those that donated to the kickstarter campaign will receive perks and benefits directly tied to their donation level and lower. Note that the $124 levels and below appear to still be available:


Medallion mock-up


Stein prototype, uncolored

  • $4 (Citizen - Android edition)
    • a copy of the Rats of Mechanicsburg game
    • access to pre-release forum to interact with developers
    • name listed on in-game honor roll
  • $4 (Citizen - iOS edition)
    • access to pre-release forum to interact with developers
    • name on -in-game honor roll
    • bonus paper doll app
  • $24 (Minion)
    • special recognition on in-game honor roll
    • digital portfolio of game concept and production artwork
    • copper-finish medal identifying you as one of Heterodyne's most loyal minions
  • $74 (Scholar)
  • $124 (Burgermeister)
    • special recognition on in-game honor roll
    • silver-finished medal
    • exclusive stein featuring full-color art
    • chance to interact with developers on ideas for the next Girl Genius game
  • $250 (Heterodyne Lab Assistant, Junior Grade)
    • beta testing; beta copy will update to release version
    • special recognition on in-game honor roll
    • listing in game credits as a beta tester
    • gold-finished medal
  • $300 (Heterodyne Lab Assistant, Senior Grade)
    • alpha testing; alpha copy will update to beta, then to release version
    • special recognition on in-game honor roll
    • listing in game credits as alpha tester
    • one piece of original game concept art signed by Phil Foglio or entire development team (your choice)
  • $1,000 (Esteemed Fellow Spark)
    • no sketch, but name will appear in the comic
    • receive autographed copy of that day's comic page
    • you and a friend can join the team at their wrap party in Seattle (trans. and lodging not paid) (alternative perk available)

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