Gorb is one of the rank-and-file Jägermonsters aboard Castle Wulfenbach. He and fellow Jägergrunt Minsk make their debut when they interrupt a small conversation between Agatha Heterodyne and the restrained (physically, certainly not emotionally) Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer. Gorb, who isn't very bright, sees this as an opportunity to do what Jägers do best, namely violence, but Minsk intervenes and escorts Agatha to tea with General Khrizhan. Othar objects to missing the party, so Gorb thoughtfully offers a party of his own, with Othar in the featured role of piñata .

The dialogue between Minsk and Gorb reveals one of the great truths of Girl Genius:
M: "Dot's right. Und any plan vere you lose you hat iz?"
G: "A bad plan?"

He's listed as a Wulfenbach minion with some hesitancy, as it's not clear that Jägermonsters should be considered "Wulfenbach minions" as much as "fellow travelers" who have their own agendas. We may see whether he's still happy (more or less) to be aboard the Castle after House Heterodyne gets re-established in its ancestral digs, but probably not.