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Gunnerkrigg Court is (or was, before Agatha took possession of the town) an inn in Mechanicsburg which advertised clean rooms and stable, free breakfast, and indoor plumbing .

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

In fact, this is one of many shoutouts to other webcomics. Gunnerkrigg Court is a work with many similarities to the present history:

  • age: started April 2005, the same month Girl Genius became a web comic
  • format
    • one page published on Web MWF (since 2006; twice-weekly before that)
    • collected as graphic novels
  • protagonist
    • female student
    • parents dead or missing
    • extraordinary powers
  • story: mysteries slowly being revealed
  • setting: dark
  • overall excellence
2016-01-21 16.39.16

Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic

Moreover, in January 2016, Professora Foglio announced Killer Robot’s (a third party) Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic game had shipped. This game includes characters and artifacts from both works.

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