Helga Gootergund is a personal acquaintance of Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer, from the vicinity of Grimstad, Norway. She is first mentioned in the Girl Genius Radio Theatre Production of "Deathwish DuPree," when Othar is telling Zeetha about his family.[1] Apparently she is the "codfishmonger's daughter," is quite rich, and beautiful, having won the "Miss Modern Viking Pageant" the last three years running. Later, Othar's sister, Sanaa asks why Othar avoided her, as she is also very strong.[2]


The parents of Othar and Sanaa wish for Helga to marry him. However, according to Othar, Helga believes him to be quite mad, and has threatened violence towards his person with a marlinspike should he get too close.


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  2. "she can kill a frosted cave bear with her bare hands".