We're not exactly sure what a Heppler wrench is, but it's important to the story. As Agatha is getting into caffeine-wired Spark mode in the coffee shop in Mechanicsburg, she goes after the coffee engine with the enthusiasm of Alex Rodriguez going after a batting-practice fastball. She asks for a Heppler wrench to get on with the tinkering, and about half the population of Mechanicsburg manage to produce one. A twist here, an adjustment there, and before you know it, Spark Roast coffee is born -- and Agatha's status as heir to House Heterodyne gets one massive up-tick, not just with the townsfolk but with the watching Carson von Mekkhan.

What were all of those people doing lugging a Heppler wrench into a coffee shop? Well, as Carson says (of Krosp I, not the wrench), "This is Mechanicsburg. You are by no means the strangest thing in this town."

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