A minion of Zola "Heterodyne", the only one named so far. He appears here , wielding some manner of weapon that disperses, or maybe just obliterates, the Black Squad that materializes after Zola delivers her cloyingly pompous oration to the people of Mechanicsburg. Given the fear and awe associated with the Black Squad, this makes a point, of sorts.

He may, or may not, reappear as Zola enters Castle Heterodyne. She has a whole retinue of similarly-dressed minions who accompany her (although they're getting picked off one by one by the castle's defenses), and lacking any distinguishing features other than hair color, it's hard to be sure whether he's among the quick or the dead. Most likely he's the chap second from the right in the bottom panel.

His name is the Middle English term for false, deceitful or fake.