Please be quiet.

Hilde has to date appeared only in The Works card game and is labeled "Queen" and "Librarian".

She is depicted as a slightly older woman dressed in a tight blouse and a buckled skirt with her fair hair pulled up into a tied ponytail and wearing oval glasses. Around her neck appears to be a necklace with flower medallions, although this could be her way of wearing a house badge. She is shown in sepia but not listed as Legend. Still, if we do eventually learn more about her, it is likely to be only in flashback.

Looking out at the viewer, she is shown with a stern face entreating all to Shhh.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

Saint Hilda (of royal birth) was the 7th century founder of the Abbey at Whitby, and became known for her wisdom throughout the Anglo-Saxon and Merovingian kingdoms as she was sought for advice by kings and princes. The Venerable Bede recorded much of her activities and described Hilda as a woman of great energy, who was a skilled administrator and teacher.

Queen Grimhilda is known as the Evil Queen in both Teutonic legend and  the 1937 Disney film, Snow White.

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