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Hive Engine

Creator Lucrezia? The Other?
Purpose Gestation of Slaver wasps
First Appearance In Beetle's lab

Hive engines are known to be created by The Other, or at least they appeared in conjunction with The Other War. While most technology associated with the Other has been destroyed, some of it has been kept by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach for study. The hive engine aboard Castle Wulfenbach was found in the laboratory of Tarsus Beetle who was maintaining the hive engine for his own uses. These uses are not explained due to his untimely death.

Prior to his murder by Mr. Rovainen, Dr. Vg mentions that:

  • Hive engines contain "brines"; and
  • these crystalize over time, allowing the engine's creation to be dated.

the which is confirmed by Mr. Rovainen, who has slipped back into his revenant state. We also learn:

  • Hive engines must be activated , and otherwise exist in a dormant state.
  • Hive engines can sit inert for some time and be reactivated.

Hive Engines apparently come in all sizes, but the unique one created for use against sparks is of a miniature size .

Hive Engines are believed to be constructed by the Other, but it seems that the Geisterdamen can construct them, too .

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