Homecoming King is a six-page interlude by Cheyenne Wright published from 2014-08-13 (Wednesday) to 2014-08-25 (Monday) . It takes place at Transylvania Polygnostic University, Agatha Clay's alma mater, some time after her recognition as Lady Heterodyne. She is mentioned but does not actually appear as a character.

The story begins as student Elmyra (Ellie) Winters has just used a forbidden trans-dimensional harmonic resonator to summon the Ht'Rok'Din, the founder of the Heterodyne line and Agatha's quad-decuple grandfather, from the distant past. The Ht'Rok'Din has an accent like that of the Jagers, and causes chaos and violence (but doesn't actually kill anyone). After being hit by an electro-stunner wielded by Theodessa Dumedd (presumably a relative of Theo), he cites Clarke's Third Law.


Professor Bosewichte overpowers the students and, after collecting some ancient artifacts from the University's museum, disappears with the Ht'Rok'Din. One of the artifacts is a bimetallic dagger, and Ellie remembers that it's actually a tuning fork that the Ht'Rok'Din supposedly used to control a network of "altars that could 'fold the skin of the Earth'" . This reference provides semi-canonical evidence that the Monolith in Mechanicsburg may have been one of those altars. The story does not explicitly say that he created this network, only that he used it.

At the story's climax, the Ht'Rok'Din declares that he had run out of places to conquer, but that his visit to (our heros') current time helps him understand that he can also conquer time by returning home, having a son, and establishing his dynasty.

In the dénouement, the Professor explains that "the Ht'Rok'Din... has a firm understanding of causality," implying that it's impossible to change history by time travel. Because the story is only semi-canonical, it's not clear to what extent this scene might affect fan theories about time travel by the Dreen; by Agatha, Gil, and Moloch; and by Lucrezia.