Very hot pipes!

The hot pipes are a pyrotechnic weapon developed by Sleipnir O'Hara based on musical technology of her homeland, Little Ireland — the bagpipes.

Interestingly, the hot pipes appear to be based on "Great Irish Warpipes" in which the player's breath warms and moistens the intaken air, as opposed to "cold pipes" using a bellows, as for Irish uilleann ("elbow") pipes which are better known in our world. The preference here becomes a matter of speculation about Little Ireland's musical culture.

Looking closely at Lady Sleipnir's device, we can see that the drones, sitting over her shoulder in the usual greatpipe position, are actually exhausts and puffing smoke. The chanter is the muzzle, expelling a focussed chartreuse flame with apparently fairly good targeting accuracy. What function the blowpipe has in this weapon is not demonstrated. The bag would seem to be well-insulated, as are the drones, as Sleipnir carries the device against some bared skin with no visible discomfort or reddening. The power source and actual combustive material are also unknown at this time.

The hot pipes do not appear to produce music along with their FOOM and must therefore be considered the creation of only a minor Spark.

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