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The House of Heterodyne is one of the most revered and most feared of Europa's sparky lineages.


Originally founded by mongol-like warriors [mad theory], the Heterodynes established Mechanicsburg as their home and went on to terrorize the surrounding countryside for generations. They created the imposing Castle Heterodyne and the fierce Jägermonsters. It is certain that the Heterodyne family has existed for many hundreds of years and that most of them exemplified the worst of the mad boy stereotype. Their town and castle is liberally decorated with a skeletal motif, sometimes literally so.

Then the Heterodyne Boys, Bill and Barry came along. Raised primarily by their kind and upright motherSB, they renounced the ways of their ancestors and took to doing Good. They managed to stop a lot of the fighting in Europa before they disappeared during the war with The Other.

With Bill and Barry gone, the House of Heterodyne was considered extinct. Unknown to the world at large, however, was Agatha Clay, raised as a normal child but secretly the daughter of Bill Heterodyne and Lucrezia Mongfish, making her the heir to the Heterodyne legacy.

Agatha's existence isn't so secret anymore, and there's a lot of chaos that has followed in her wake.

Known members of House HeterodyneEdit

Heterodynes01Vlad "the Blasphemous" HeterodyneEgregious HeterodyneUnnamed House Heterodyne FounderKnifeGhengis Ht'rok-din
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Early Heterodynes

Of course we know (from dialogue) about Agatha, Bill, Barry, Lucrezia, and Agatha's late brother Klaus Barry Heterodyne, not to mention the late and not terribly lamented Faustus Heterodyne and Knife and the Ht'rok-din far back at the beginning of the House. However, we've had some glimpses of the approximately fifty other generations of Heterodynes by way of the background when Carson von Mekkhan conducted Agatha and her entourage into the Heterodyne family crypt.

Some of the others interred in the family crypt, or mentioned in other episodes inn no particular (i.e., alphabetical unless chronological) order:

With some of these the spelling is in doubt, but you get the idea. There are also reasons to believe there may be an ancient undead Heterodyne vampire down there somewhere, most likely either beyond the Throne of Faustus Heterodyne or inside the Black Heterodyne´s vault (see above). This is in line with recent revelations of the history of the Waters of Dyne, which legend says might be capable of rendering a person immortal.

Tentative family treeEdit

Iscarriot Heterodyne
Son of Iscarriot
Agatha's great grandmother
Agatha's great grandfather
Zagnut Heterodyne
Ominox Heterodyne
Saturnus Heterodyne
Teodora Vedonicharova
William Heterodyne
Lucrezia Mongfish
Barry Heterodyne
Klaus Barry Heterodyne
Agatha Heterodyne

Possibly Relevant Outside InformationEdit

Many of the Heterodynes share names with infamous fictional villains, such as Iago, Mordred, and Zod, or notorious historical personalities, including Vlad, Caligula, and on the less notorious end, the Counts of Anjou: Fulk I "The Red", his son Fulk II "The Good", and his grandson, Fulk III "The Black". However, some of their names seem to be just for fun.

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