Apparently the same House belonging to Andronicus Valois, The Storm King. While the patriarchal line seems to be extinct, there is at least one individual who can claim direct descent through the maternal line. General Selnikov claimed to be acting on behalf of the Knights of Jove and House Valois when he attacked Mechanicsburg.

Heirs of the StormEdit

Saint Valois? Edit

Dimo mentions a Saint Valo chasing Agatha's great-great-grand-poppa. Could this "Valo" be a Valois?

Outside World Edit

In the real world, the House of Valois descended from the House of Capet and ruled over the Kingdom of France from the 14th century to the 16th. One Valois, Henri III/Henryk III, was for a short time King of Poland. (He was replaced because he simply didn't stay in Poland.)

See also Edit

The Storm King conspiracy

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