The only known members of House von Zinzer are a group of brothers who manned a roving gunship for Duke D'Omas until the Duke was defeated by Baron Klaus Wulfenbach. The nine brothers continued to man the gunboat but now raided the countryside on their own. After deciding to try to make it to Paris they were unfortunate to run into one of the Baron's patrols. Doubly unfortunate because the patrol was led by Bangladesh DuPree who burnt the gunship without offering them a chance to surrender.

Several of the brothers survived by escaping the burning ship. Those we know of are Moloch, Omar, Bruno, and someone referred to as "the kid." Bruno and the kid escaped into the woods, but their current whereabouts are unknown.[1][2]

Omar sadly perished later at the (unwitting) hand of Agatha Heterodyne.


  1. "I know Bruno and the kid made it into the woods, but I...I don't think anybody else got away 'sides Omar and me."
  2. Moloch, exclaiming "They made it" from the future.

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