This monstrous bipedal Clank is introduced powering a large freight-elevator in the lower levels of the Corbettite Depot Fortress of St. Szpac. When Krosp critiques this arrangement as inefficient, Brother Ulm counters that in its pre-Corbettite existence Humongulus had been known to "level mountains." Ulm's comment also indicates the device is at a minimum several decades old.

Humongulus sports a vaguely cathedral-like motif, and shares certain design similarities with the armor worn and operated by Count Wolkerstorfer, possibly indicating they have a designer in common. At any rate, Humongulus also has an inscription on its chest that reads Dost thou even lyft?

It seems very proud of its work and brags that it is the "primary clank in this location", an assessment that Zeetha appears to agree with. This boast is put to the test when Humongulus is brought into the fray as part of Agatha's plan to halt the on-going rampage of The Beast.


Humongulus, during his fight with The Beast, is paralyzed by its magnetic fields, prompting the mighty clank to say "Non est frigidus!", Latin for "It's not cold!" Since Humongulus lived with (presumably) Catholic Monks, his understanding of Latin is perfectly reasonable.

It is possible, given Humongulus' personality, that a more accurate translation would be "It's not cool!" or even just "Not cool!"

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

"Do you even lift?" is a Internet meme[1] used disparagingly on weight-lifting and fitness forums. The general shape of Humongulus also brings to mind, in an exaggerated way, that of real-world professional weight-lifters.

The humongulus is a large number, 10![1]w /103 (as expressed in hyperfactorial array notation), according to the large number encyclopedia[2].

“Homunculus” is an alchemical term for a miniature, artificially created human[3]

  1. Know Your Meme

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