This timeline attempts to place the events mentioned in the Girl Genius story in internal chronological order.

Methods and AssumptionsEdit

  1. Sources: An attempt has been made in each event description to include a link to the source of the dating information.
  2. "Relative Dates": This column places events relative to two seminal events: the attack that destroyed Castle Heterodyne (which is assigned Year 0, Day 0) and the start of the main narrative of Girl Genius (which is assigned Year +19, Day 0). Clues in the narrative usually allow an event to be placed relative to one of these.
  3. When was the attack on Castle Heterodyne? The memorial marker for Klaus Barry Heterodyne shows his birth year as 1_72. The second digit is round on the top and, since older dates in the crypt include 1623, is probably an 8.[1] Thus, he was born in "1872". The attack occurred 407 days after Klaus Barry Heterodyne was born, which would put the attack in 1873-4.[2]
  4. When does the main narrative begin? The narrative through Volume IX takes place in the late winter/early and middle spring[3]. The main narrative takes place roughly 19 years after the attack on Castle Heterodyne. Thus, the story likely begins in 1892-4. This date is assumed to be +19 years, 0 days, though it could as easily be off by +/- several months.
  5. "Actual Dates": The Canon gives a few absolute dates, but most entries in the Actual Dates column are calculated based on clues in the narrative.
  6. Canonicity: Nothing is entirely certain. Though statements in the narrative such as "100 years ago" are given literal effect below for convenience, but they were probably only approximations and are, of course, subject to being 'clarified'.
  7. Elapsed time: As an approximation, a historical event occurring "14 years before", for example, volume 7 of the story is taken to occur at the same time as an event occurring "14 years before" volume 1 of the story, since the amount of time elapsed during the story isn't terribly precise (and may never be).
  8. Shading: Green highlights the attack-on-Castle-Heterodyne and start-of-narrative events. Unshaded cells hold dates that source material fixes with some precision. Grey cells hold ranges and other best estimates.

New cues and clues from Agatha H. and the Airship City Edit

Long ago Edit

  1. The other war broke out in earnest six months after Castle Heterodyne blew up.
  2. Bill and Barry were last seen in public helping Woggleburg after the attack on Lord Womak.

Not so long ago Edit

  • Events start on a cold day in March.
    • Agatha is wearing her current favorite outfit, a birthday present from Lilith.
  • Assuming the castle blew up in late summer or fall and Lucrezia was pregnant at the time, Agatha's is in her nineteenth year.
    • Therefore the year is 1892.

New cues and clues from Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess Edit

  1. The Storm King Fought the Heterodynes at Sturmhalten in 1673-1676.
  2. The muses were all present when the treaty ending the battle was signed in 1676.
  3. Part of the treaty was that the Storm King would marry Bludtharst's sister Euphrosynia. They both were the offspring of Clemethious Heterodyne.
  4. Makes you wonder what major change happened to the castle in 1677.

Timeline Edit

Long, long agoEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
(long, long ago) Geisterdamen serve their Eternal Lady at the Geisterdamen temple.
(-832† years, or earlier) 1041 or earlier Ht'rok-din takes Mechanicsburg.
-831† years 1042 Knife, son of Ht'rok-din, builds 1st Castle Heterodyne in 1042 AD.
(-830† to -576† years) Vlad "the Blasphemous" Heterodyne creates Jägerbräu and the first of the Jägers
(-830† to -576† years) Jägergenerals created.
(-830† to -576† years) Egregious Heterodyne uncorks the Dyne and destroys the first castle
(-830† to -576† years) Castle Heterodyne is rebuilt three times.
-575† years 1298 5th Castle Heterodyne is built in 1298 AD.

Not so long, long agoEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
(long, long ago) Jägers take Jägertroth to serve House Heterodyne.
(-279 to -229 years) 1593† to 1643† Maxim, youngest of Da Boyz, is born.
(-830 to -196 years) Faustus Heterodyne makes Castle Heterodyne self-aware.
-ca 200 years 1668 Andronicus Valois, the Storm King, starts to build his Palace of Enlightenment in Provance
-ca 200 years 1668-1673 The spark Van Rijn builds nine muses for the Storm King. Storm King and Coalition of the West battle Bludtharst Heterodyne.
-200 years 1673-1676 Storm King holds off Heterodyne Hordes at Sturmhalten.
-200 years 1676 Battle ends with treaty and wedding between Storm King and Euphrosynia.
-196† years 1677 A major change to Castle Heterodyne in 1677 AD.
-181 years, or earlier 1691† or earlier Knights of Jove are "destroyed" in Storm King's quest to win the heart of Euphrosynia Heterodyne. Storm King's reign ends.
-181 years, or earlier 1691† or earlier One of Van Rijn's muses, Otilia is tasked by the Storm King to protect "the Heterodyne girl . But Van Rijn "learns what [the Heterodyne girl] would be," and orders her to keep others safe from that girl. Later, Lucrezia Mongfish transfers Otilia's personality into Von Pinn.
-121 years 1751† Embi is born . As a young man, he leaves home to see the world.
-81 years 1779† Da Boyz (Ognian, Dimo, and Maxim) fight for the Red Heterodyne against the lava cannons of the Unseen Empire.

Long agoEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
(long ago) Her Undying Majesty, Queen Albia, ascends throne of England.
(-40 years to -30 years) 1830s† Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, The Heterodyne Boys, and Lucrezia Mongfish are born.
-20 years 1852† The Heterodyne Boys, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, and Punch & Judy begin adventuring.
(-20 years to -3 years, 4 months) 1852†-1868† Klaus becomes a construct .
(decades ago) Eternal Lady makes frequent visits to Geisterdamen temple.
-6 years 1867†-1868† Prince of Sturmhalten grows experiments in Sturmhalten that occasionally escape to sewers.
-3 years, 4 months October 1869†-October 1870† Bill Heterodyne proposes to Lucrezia Mongfish, Lucrezia beds Klaus, Lucrezia drugs and exiles Klaus.
(-2 years, 6-8 months) March-May 1871†[4] Gil is born. Klaus keeps Gil alive. Klaus thinks this would give someone from Skifander a reason to kill Gil.
-1 year, 42 days 1872† Klaus Barry Heterodyne is born to Lucrezia and Bill in 1_72 AD. It is 2 years and 3 months since Klaus disappeared; gossips still ignore the math.
(-?? months) Lucrezia repurposes von Pinn as nursemaid for Klaus Barry Heterodyne.
-3 days 1873†-1874† Carson von Mekkhan retires as Heterodyne seneschal.
-1 day 1873†-1874† Bill and Barry leave Castle Heterodyne because of "something to do with giant vegetables".
Year 0, Day 0 February 1873†-February 1874† 5th Castle Heterodyne is destroyed after sundown with massive explosions ; Klaus Barry Heterodyne dies ; Lucrezia disappears ; Lucrezia's notes are burned.
+?? hours 1873†-1874† Bill and Barry return to Castle Heterodyne, recover bodies of Seneschal Von Mekkhan and 62 other staff.
+1 day 1873†-1874† Bill and Barry go to war, leaving Castle Heterodyne for last time.
+6 months 1873†-1874† The Other goes to war against the Sparks and the Heterodyne Boys; 43 major houses destroyed. Knights of Jove under Prince Aaronev VI Sturmvoraus fight for the Other.
(+0 to +1 years) 1873†-1874† "Eternal Lady" arrives at the Geisterdamen temple, visibly pregnant. The Holy Child is born.
(+0 to +1 years) 1873†-1874† Agatha is born.
(+0 to +3 years) 1873†-1877† "Eternal Lady" returns to the Geisterdamen temple, sends Geisterdamen to Europa to find the Holy Child. Loremistress Milvistle destroys the gateway to the temple and its plans, stranding Geisterdamen in Europa.
(+3 year) 1875-1876 Barry Heterodyne and Bill Heterodyne observe the attack on Lord Womak's city. [5]. Confirming their calculations and revealing the whereabouts of the other.
(+3 year) 1875-1876 Persons unknown assault the Geisterdamen temple while the "Eternal Lady" is absent, take the Holy Child. Geisterdamen rebuild their temple.
(+3 year) 1875-1876 The Other stops attacking; no body is found. The Heterodyne Boys disappear. Last date for construction of a hive engine. Snarlantz hides most of the existing hive engines in Passholdt. The great houses keep right on fighting , causing widespread destruction.
(+3 year) Castle Wulfenbach is destroyed ; Klaus won't confirm whether the Other did it.
(+4 year) 1876-1877 Geisterdamen are visited by their goddess in her aspect of Sharp Crystal. After purging many of the Geisterdamen the rest are put to a period of building.
(+3 years) Klaus returns after 'a six years'[6] having spent about (four years in Skifander, and possibly additional time elsewhere) with baby Gil but without his wife , begins his war to establish The Baron's Peace throughout Europa.
+3 years 1857†-1858† Castle Wulfenbach is first launched according to Agatha H and the Airship City.
+4 years, 6 months TPU expedition enters Castle Heterodyne, is conscripted by the castle to perform repairs .
(+4 years, 6 months to +5 years) Klaus politely takes Mechanicsburg, acquires Jägers and von Pinn, sets up town council. Shadow government led by Carson von Mekkhan continues to rule Mechanicsburg in secret.
+5 years Castle Heterodyne sends TPU assistant out for food; Klaus negotiates with the castle to supply labor.
+5 years, 2 months Carson von Mekkhan uses of Throne of Faustus Heterodyne 437215353 seconds (13.85 years) prior to Agatha's arrival in Mechanicsburg, swears never to channel the castle again.
+5 years 3000 of the Elite White Geisterdamen go through the one way door from the City of Silver Light to the Shadow lands. They are tasked with finding the Holy Child.[7]
+6 years Agatha first 'Heterodynes' at age 5. Barry keeps moving the family to keep them hidden.
(+6 to +8 years) Barry creates Agatha's locket and gives it to her.
(+1 day to 8 years) Barry tells Tarsus Beetle that Klaus did something untrustworthy.
+8 years Barry leaves on what should be a brief mission , placing Agatha in the sole care of Punch and Judy. He has not yet returned.
+9 years Higgs signs up with the Wulfenbach airship fleet. He serves for ten years "without distinction".
(+6 years to 12 years) 1878†-1887† Gil constructs Zoing at age 8. Klaus hides Gil's spark. Gil attends Castle Wulfenbach school incognito.
(+1 to +16 years) Vrin and Aaronev VI rebuild Holy Machine, kidnap many sparky girls in attemps to revive Lucrezia.

Before our story beginsEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
(+16 years) Hidden Skifander is “discovered” by expedition. Zeetha leaves home to see the world. Skull pirates capture Zeetha.
+16 years "Dot magnetic prince guy" raises the last significant rebellion against The Baron's Peace but is put down in five months.
(+16 years) Master Payne's Circus of Adventure acquires two of Van Rijn's muses (Tinka and Moxana). Aaronev VI nearly kills Anevka in the Holy Machine. Tarvek takes Tinka and copies her to create a clank for Anevka.
+16 years Zeetha destroys skull pirate fortress and, with it, all her leads to finding the way back to Skifander.
+16 years Professor Tiktoffen is condemned to Castle Heterodyne. He supervises repairs for Klaus , but also reports to the Knights of Jove.
+17 years Zeetha joins Master Payne's Circus of Adventure.
(+5 to +19 years) Vole is expelled from Jägers, renounces Jägertroth.
(+6 to +19 years) A female prisoner earns her freedom from the Castle Heterodyne repair crew.
(+18 years) Snarlantz successfully modifies one slaver engine to enslave a spark, then another turns all of Passholdt into revenants. Selnikov and the Jotun brothers erase evidence in Snarlantz's lab and acquire spark-enslaving engine for Aaronev VI .
(+18 years) Klaus defeats the Gilded Duke. Wulfenbach clanks blow up the mountain of the Duke D'Omas.
(not too long ago) Gil acquires Ardsley Wooster, a reputation , and a Lamp while living incognito in Paris and meets Zola. When Gil returns to Castle Wulfenbach, he is announced as the son of the Baron. Klaus (or Von Pinn) censors Gil's mail.
+18 years, 9 months Klaus assigns Dihoxulator to TPU as test for Gil.
(+19 years, less ?? weeks) Bangladesh DuPree destroys walking gunboat Vienna 707. Moloch and Omar von Zinzer flee, as do Bruno and the kid. Bang sees an electrical anomaly during the attack.
(+18 years, 50 weeks) Tarsus Beetle brings a hive engine to TPU.
(+19 years) Two weeks after destroying Vienna 707, Dupree investigates a burning town and sees another electrical anomaly. Unusually, Bang wasn't the one who burned the town.

Prologue and First arc: Castle WulfenbachEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
+19 years, 0 days 1892†-1894† possibly morning of Wednesday, 7 March 1894 The events of Girl Genius begin . 18-year old Agatha Clay sees an electrical anomaly with a malevolent figure inside, has her locket stolen by Omar von Zinzer, screams for him to die slowly . Gil discredits the Dihoxulator, kills Tarsus Beetle, and saves a fish (twice ). Merlot takes over TPU and expels Agatha.
+19 years, 1 day Agatha builds the Beetleberg Clank. Omar von Zinzer dies while holding Agatha's locket.
+19 years, 3 days Agatha awakens in Castle Wulfenbach, meets the imprisoned Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer, gets the sniff test from the Jägergenerals.
+19 years, 4 days Gil adopts a fish. Agatha tells Mr. Rovainen to "go do" whatever it is he "should be doing".
+19 years, 5 days [8] Agatha builds the Dingbots. She and Gil destroy a hive engine activated by Mr. Rovainen. Gil proposes poorly . Klaus, Agatha, and others conclude that Agatha is a Heterodyne, probably Bill and Lucrezia's child. Punch and Judy rescue Agatha but are 'killed' in the process by Von Pinn. Zulenna Luzhakna is killed by Dupree. Agatha flees the castle, along with Othar Tryggvassen (briefly ) and Krosp.

Second arc: Circus and SturmhaltenEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
+19 years, 6 days Madame Olga is killed by spider clank.
+19 years, ?? days Klaus reassigns Jägers far from Agatha, ships Moloch von Zinzer to Castle Heterodyne. Othar Tryggvassen chats with Theopholous DuMedd. Klaus sends Merlot to Castle Heterodyne because of 'Miss Clay, the Heterodyne girl'.
+19 years, 7 days Circus helps Agatha fake her death.
+19 years, 8 days Agatha starts Kolee-dok-Zumil training with Zeetha, designs battle circus. Moxana starts a new game.
+19 years, a few days [9]Possibly Wednesday, 21 March 1894 (full moon) Circus arrives at Zumzum a few days after Agatha begins training, meets Othar. Jenka seeks instructions concerning Agatha.
+19 years, a few weeks Circus discovers revenants at Passholdt a few weeks after leaving Zumzum, acquires Da Boyz.
+19 years, 2 months, 1 day Master Payne's Circus of Adventure arrives at Sturmhalten in Balan's Gap, performs for Aaronev VI again. Anevka kills Aaronev VI. Vrin helps an 18-year out-of-date Lucrezia inhabit Agatha using the Holy Machine. Wasp eaters uncover 170 covert revenants aboard Castle Wulfenbach. (First day in Sturmhalten.)
+19 years, 2 months, 2 days — Friday? Klaus deduces that Agatha is alive, deploys to Sturmhalten to capture her. Gil sends Wooster to Sturmhalten, completes primary repairs on Punch and Judy, including Punch's voice. (Second day in Sturmhalten.)
+19 years, 2 months, 3 days — Saturday? [10] Possibly Saturday, 19 May 1894 (full moon) Tarvek shelves Anevka, puts a copy of Lucrezia into her clank. Geisterdamen and the Lucrezia clank move several hive engines and "some sort of machine" from Castle Sturmvoraus to ancient caverns. Tinka and Moxana presumedly remain in Castle Sturmvoraus. Wulfenbach troops fight covert revenants in Sturmhalten. A gigantic projection announces a Heterodyne heiress to the world, claims Klaus is the Other. Lucrezia/Agatha orders Vrin to die, infects Klaus with a special slaver wasp. Klaus kills Lars, meets Zeetha, Daughter of Chump. Agatha drops a house on the wicked Klaus. Circus creates mass Heterodyne apparition. (Third day in Sturmhalten.)
+19 years, 2 months, 4? days — Sunday night Circus departs for England following Battle of Sturmhalten. Sgt. Scorp, The Unstoppable Higgs, and Klaus arrive in Mechanicsburg.

Third arc: MechanicsburgEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
+19 years, 2 months — Monday morning to midday Agatha enters Mechanicsburg.

Jenka arrives . Zola enters Castle Heterodyne. Agatha makes coffee.

+19 years, 2 months — Monday afternoon (thunderstorm) Carson von Mekkhan uses of Throne of Faustus Heterodyne 437215353 seconds (13.85 years) after he swore never to do it again.

Knights of Jove attack , but are defeated by Gil single-handedly. Gil defeats Vole (and sends him to search for the leader of the KofJ) and is taken to Mamma Gkika’s.

+19 years, 2 months — Monday afternoon late

Agatha enters Castle Heterodyne. Klaus prepares units to destroy Castle Heterodyne. After a few hours Gil wakes up, almost completely healed. Zeetha explains Agatha's relationship to the Other. Gil meets Vanamonde and Krosp, and Zeetha meets Higgs. Klaus takes a walk in the medical mecha. Vole returns with Selnikov’s head. Evening bar fight at Mamma Gkika's

+19 years, 2 months — Monday around sunset Agatha enters the Chapel of Bones and submits to the Test .
+19 years, 2 months — Monday evening

At nightfall, Agatha's Torchmen take to the skies of Mechanicsburg for first time since the attack on Castle Heterodyne, drive off Zola's pink airship and Castle Wulfenbach. Tarvek enters Castle Heterodyne with Violetta. Agatha and Moloch find them and deal with a FSMADD. Gil catches up with Theo and Sleipnir.

+19 years, 2 months — Monday night (fireworks)

Gil attracts the town to the Castle with a fireworks show and fight with Zeetha. Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Schmott Guy enters Castle Heterodyne.

+19 years, 2 months — Monday night late/early Tuesday

Von Pinn enters Castle Heterodyne. Sgt. Scorp has healed and is back on-duty. Grantz hauls Othar before Klaus in Mechanicsburg. Agatha treats Tarvek. Gil & co. meet Zola & co., and whole group is press ganged. Agatha builds a death ray and falls asleep. Most of Gil & Zola's group fall asleep.

+19 years, 2 months — Tuesday

Moloch succeeds in waking Agatha, who, after checking on Tarvek (who's worse), starts looking for Gil. After a talk with Zeetha, Gil wakes up his group and sends them off. Gil and Zola proceed to the Lion, where Agatha finds them . Agatha subdues Zola and is confronting Gil when Merlot interrupts and injures Gil. Agatha prepares the group to return to Tarvek, when Von Pinn appears , but is disposed of. Agatha, Tiktoffen, Gil, & Zola travel back to Tarvek, encountering many hazards. After examining and reconciling with Gil, Agatha reintroduces him to Tarvek. ... And after further adventures in medicine and engineering, Agatha shuts down the Castle .

+19 years, 2 months — Tuesday evening

Van visits Carson. Klaus tries to escape his hospital room but is sedated by Dr. Sun. Agatha undertakes the si vales valeo procedure.

Fourth arc: ParisEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event

Fifth arc: LondonEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
Wooster suggests Agatha and friends go to England to meet Madwa and Dio Zardeliv at the Londinium docks.

In the futureEdit

Relative Date Actual Date Event
(in the future?) The enigma uses a time window device device to view Agatha in downtown Beetleburg
(in the future) Agatha uses a time window device with Gil, Moloch, and a Geisterdame.

† marks relative or absolute dates that are off by 100 years if Klaus Barry Heterodyne was born in 1972.

Other sources of Internal Chronology Edit

an entry in girl genius lab


  1. It could also be a 9 but this is a Gaslamp Fantasy and according to Kaja that means the Victorian era.
  2. To simplify this page, the birth is assumed to be in 1872 and calculated dates that may be off by 100 years are marked with (†).
  3. As the circus approaches Strumhalten they mention few passes have open up yet .
  4. Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess refers to Gil as "looking down from 22 years" at the time of the Sturmhalten events.
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