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Pumpkin01 Originating eventsEdit

Von Mekkhan states the boys were off from the castle due to some giant vegetables. So this fixes the time of the Castle explosion events at harvest time. For the sake of drama lets suppose they were up against Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin. The horrific events took place on All hallows eve. Klaus Barry died technically that day. This puts his birth nearly on the autumnal equinox for 1872. That gives some very nice bookends to the 407 days. It also puts Klaus's banishment at the summer solstice. Echo's of Shakespears Midsummers night dream. Klaus gets to play Bottom the chump.

Agatha birthday falls somewhat near Holy Childs Day in December or January.

And Lucrezia's resurrection in current events falls around Mothers day in May.

I think this gets us very close.

So day zero becomes

(Sun) 1870 Jun 19Klaus Skiffhai-ed (Summer solstice)
(Tue) 1871 Mar 21Klaus becomes a father. Gil and Zeetha born (Vernal equinox or Spring Planting)
(Thu) 1872 Sep 19Klaus Barry Born (autumnal equinox)
(Fri) 1873 Oct 31zero day
(Fri) 1873 Oct 31zero day, Lucrezia is 6 and a half months pregnant.
(Mon) 1874 Jan 12 Agatha born (96 years before Kaja) Mother&child
(Tue) 1892 Jan 12 Agatha's 18th Birthday
(Wed) 1892 May 11
Time Manipulation
Just before leaving for Sturmhalten the Baron mentions this is nineteen years after the castles destruction.

In Vrin's account Lucrezia is shown to be visibly pregnant and dressed in winter clothes. This suggests Agatha's birth was in late fall, winter or early spring. The story starts just before spring (Pisces) in early March and sees three full moons without a mention of a birthday for her. Furtherore the first novel states the story starts in March. Agatha is still considering the dress she got on her birthday a favorite. So we eliminate early spring on that basis, concluding the story happens in 1892 and not 1893. For the sake of drama and because we know the tellers are notorious recyclers we guess that Agatha was born on Kaja birthday. We hold this guess lightly. Any birthday between the eighteenth anniversary of the castles destruction and beginning of the story would lead to the same conclusion of 1892.

Current EventsEdit

Agatha meets von Pinn. Von Pinn checks her watch at 3 minutes to 5 in the sign of Pisces. We see three full moons before Agatha enters Mechanicsburg. Indeed the third comes before she battles the Baron in Strumhalten.

The first novel Agatha H and the Airship City mentions that Agatha's Green dress is a birthday gift from Lilith and that the story is starting in March. The first dinner aboard Castle Wulfenbach is presentation night which is a Monday.

(Fri) 1892 Mar 04 Enigma sighted
(Mon) 1892 Mar 07 Von-pinn-watch Von Pinn checks her watch.
(Sun) 1892 Mar 13 Full moon in Pieces, moonset seen through Gil's lab window. Moonset
(Tue) 1892 Apr 12 Zumzum Full moon over Zumzum.
(Wed) 1892 May 11 Gil's flyer enters Sturmhalten's airspace against full moon. Over Strumhalten
(Mon) 1892 May 16 Mechanicsburg, homecoming day.
(Mon) 1892 May 16 dawn Mechanicsburg, Agatha enters.
(Mon) 1892 May 16 dusk Mechanicsburg, Agatha gets the job.
(Tue) 1892 May 17 Castle jack fun ball Tuesday
(Tue) 1892 May 17 dawn Agatha finds she has made a new death ray.
(Tue) 1892 May 17 dusk The castle is put to rest.
(Wed) 1892 May 18 dawn Her majesty's secret service serves the Jägergenerals secrets with their tea.
(Wed) 1892 May 18 dusk Agatha, Tarvek, Gil, Violetta and Squid finish penultimate repairs.
(Thu) 1892 May 19 stroke of dawn Doom bell is struck.
(Fri) 1892 May 20 midnight Agatha galvanizes Castle Heterodyne
(Fri) 1892 May 20 just after dawn Castle harries and chases main body of Wulfenbach troops out of town
(Fri) 1892 May 20 just early morning Tweedle, Agatha and company proceed to the Red Cathedral. Agatha meets Doctor Yglyn and rights are performed to make Agatha accepted by the Red Cathedral's systems.
(Fri) 1892 May 20 late morning Klaus descends from the heavens in his drop armor. Tweedle abducts/rescues Agatha. In the pursuing chase, Tweedle stabs Tarvek with a Nullabist knife.
(Fri) 1892 May 20 high noonish Klaus lands; surrenders to Mamma Gkika and activates his black level item, a magic ball with the number 5 displayed. 5 years? As the device is activating Agatha, her wasp weasel, Tweedle, Violetta and Krosp fall into an open portal to The Refuge of Storms, Tweedles secret hideout.
(Fri) 1892 May 20 high noonish This happened then

After two and a half year timeskipEdit

(Fri) 1894 Dec 07 Tweedle, Agatha and company fall through the portal. Run from the explosion that follows. Tweedle fights off relatives and smokeknights. Gets pricked with a poisoned dagger. Seeks shelter in his secret lab where Agatha in her sleep saves his life by amputating the hand and replacing it with a clever mechanical one.
(Mon) 1894 Dec 10 Agatha wakes from her sleep to discover she is being held prisoner by Tweedle. He has modified her body chemistry to need his touch. She escapes by by wacking him upside the head with the blunt end of a cleaver and modifying her wasp weasel to provide the healing touch.
(Tue) 1894 Dec 11 early evening

After crafting a sleigh pulled by a mechanical Reindeer she flys past the full moon pulled by a quartet of Schweincopters. Tweedle gives chase along with his Sparkhounds. As Agatha heads for Blackridge gap, he takes a shortcut via Topple Ridge and lands nearly in front of her. She takes a sharp right turn to avoid him. There is a gate that wasn't there two and a half years ago and she is headed for it.

(Tue) 1894 Dec 11 later evening

Agatha manages to get through the gate in typical Agatha fashion. She runs into three Wulfenbach clanks and identifies herself. Tweedle joins the fun still chasing Agatha and shooting the clank before it can relay its full message from Gil.

(Wed) 1894 Dec 12 two am

Gil gets word from the clanks that an Agatha has appeared.[1]

(Wed) 1894 Dec 12 You are now


  1. Gil's grandfather clock

Theory SupportEdit

People who support this theory: Rej¿¤¤?

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