1. Klaus Barry's tomb reads "1872"
  2. Europans adopted the Gregorian calendar at the same time that their OT counterparts did.
  3. Castle was destroy on All Hallows Eve 1873. I.E. Internal Chronology/Mad/Great Pumpkin Conjecture
    1. Klaus Barry was born on Sept 19th, which in 1872 (Gregorian) was a Saturday.
    2. Baron Klaus Wulfenbach was drugged and Skifhi-ed in June of 1870
  4. Bill and Lucrezia were married in June (1971) (and/or at least 9 months before KB's birth.)
  5. Agatha was born in early winter 1873-74.
    1. Lucrezia was pregnant ( second trimester) at the time of the attack.
  6. The previous time Carson sat on Faustus throne was when the TPU professors disappeared.

Date Event
1673 - 1676 Storm King holds off Heterodyne forces on the plain east of Sturmhalten.
1676 Treaty between Storm King and House Heterodyne. His marriage to Euphrosynia Heterodyne part of the deal.
1677 A major change comes to Castle Heterodyne.
1689 - 1738 The events of The Storm King take place.
ca 1790-1792 The Red Heterodyne attacks the Unseen Empire and develops a taste for bat sandwiches . (One hundred years before the present.)
1850 The Heterodyne Boys, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, and Punch & Judy begin adventuring.
1870 June Bill Heterodyne proposes to Lucrezia Mongfish. Klaus disappears the next day.
1871-June A June wedding for Bill and Lucrezia
1872-Sept 19 Klaus Barry Heterodyne is born . It is 2 years and 3 months since his namesake disappeared. Gossips still ignore the math.
1873-March (Three months before the attack, Hypothesis 7.) Klaus Barry sleeps better than usual.
1873 October 27 Carson von Mekkhan retires as Heterodyne seneschal.
1873 October 31 (407 days after Klaus Barry's birth.) Attack on the Castle. Klaus Barry is killed, along with Carson's son and 63 others; Lucrezia's lab notes are burned and her staff killed. She disappears and is presumed kidnapped.
1873 November 1. (Day after attack.) The Heterodyne Boys set out to battle the Other. They never return home.
1874 Jan 12 Agatha Heterodyne is born (96 years before Kaja).
1875-02-02, Sunday Roughly, the latest one would have expected to date the construction of a hive engine. Around the same time, The Other ceases operations and The Heterodyne Boys disappear. Barry Heterodyne remains and raises his niece in secret.
1876 October Barry and Bill destroy slaver wasps outside of Woggleburg. This is the last time they were seen by the general world.
1876 Klaus Wulfenbach reappears and begins his conquest of Europa. He returns with a son, who is kept a secret from the rest of the world.
1878-Late Spring An expedition from TPU enters Castle Heterodyne, roughly 14.5 years before the events of Girl Genius.
(Tue) 1878 Jul 09 05:17 5060d08h42m 33s (13.85 years) before the events of Girl Genius was the last time Carson channeled the Castle; swears he will never do so again.
Late Fall 1878 Klaus politely takes over Mechanicsburg and negotiates with Castle Heterodyne.
Winter 1881 Barry Heterodyne leaves on what should be a mission of a few months (eleven years before the story starts ), leaving Agatha, age 7(?), in the sole care of Punch and Judy. He never returns.
1889 Zeetha completes the destruction of the Pirate fortress and realizes she has killed everyone who could have revealed where she was picked up.
1889 March Master Payne's Circus of Adventure plays Sturmhalten. Tarvek Sturmvoraus acquires Tinka.
1889 Tiktoffen is sent to Castle Heterodyne as prisoner. Becomes everybody's inside man.
1889 "Dot magnetic prince guy" makes a bid for power, and is put down in five months. Considered by the Jägers to be the last significant rebellion against Baron Wulfenbach.
1890 Zeetha joins Master Payne's Circus of Adventure.
1891 late fall Gil is revealed as the son of Baron Wulfenbach.
Winter 1891-2 Walking gunboat Vienna 707 destroyed by Bangladesh DuPree. Moloch and Omar von Zinzer flee, among others. Bang sees a strange anomaly during the attack. Two weeks later, she investigates a burned-out town and sees another anomaly.
1892 Winter Agatha receives her green dress as a Birthday present from her parents Adam and Lilith.
1892 March Beginning of the events of Girl Genius. Agatha sees a strange electrical anomaly with a seemingly malevolent figure inside.
1892 March three days later Agatha wakes up aboard Castle Wulfenbach.
March day after full moon Agatha breaks through as a spark, she and Gil destroy a hive engine, Gil proposes (poorly), and her identity as Agatha Heterodyne is discovered by all concerned. Punch and Judy attempt to rescue her but are killed by Von Pinn. Agatha flees the Castle, along with Othar (briefly), and Krosp.
(date unknown) Not much later, the Circus helps Agatha fake her death.
1892 May day after full moon Agatha's message accuses the Baron of being the other. Klaus swallows spark infecting wasp. The battle circus shows its stuff. Dupree beats Merry-go-round. Comes out second in fight with Higgs.
1892 May Monday after full moon Agatha enters Mechanicsburg. She meets Castle Heterodyne , channeled by Carson von Mekkhan seated on the Throne of Faustus Heterodyne, and enters the castle. The same day the Torchmen are activated for the first time since the attack on the castle.

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