Itto Wheelwright came to Castle Wulfenbach with great expectations for his potential. Both his parents are powerful SparksGGCLAE, and Itto himself is already precociously brilliant and curious. He was one of the younger batch of students on board the Castle.

He and his curiousity wrangled their way into joining the older students in an excursion to Baron Wulfenbach's Large Dangerous Experiments Laboratory to see the hive engine captured from Beetleburg[3]. Unfortunately for the party of adventurers, his overactive imagination thought a stealthy Krosp was a slaver wasp. When he panicked and bolted for the exit, it overstressed the platform and revealed their presence to the Baron. On capture by the Lackya, Itto loyally refused to reveal his co-conspirators[4], which is remarked on as being expected for a son of his father, Jurgen — apparently the Wheelwrights are a family of high honor.

The boy does us the favor of causing the Baron to snicker in public.

It is presumed that Itto returned to his family after Agatha's escape from the Castle.


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