This article is about the short story . For the title character, see Ivo Sharktooth.

Ivo Sharktooth PJ is the name of a short story featuring Private Jager Ivo Sharktooth, and is set in the "future" in regards to the main narrative of Girl Genius, in a Mechanicsburg that has been freed from Klaus Wulfenbach's time-bubble and is under the (relative) peaceful rule of its new-ish Heterodyne, Agatha.

Starting here , the story details Ivo's efforts to sort out the mysteries surrounding the theft of the "Golden Snail" Harvest-Festival race trophy, after he is hired to do so by Agatha and Vanamonde von Mekkan. These investigations lead to interactions with Watch Chief Drozeki, the Greenclaw family, who controls the "Court of Gears" sector of the city, and a set of eleven Heterodyne clanks called the Eleven Deadly Sins.

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