Vere dere iz Da Boyz, dere iz the Jägergirls (popularly called Da Girlz). This trio, none named yet but collectively called Jägerfräulein in the Official Cast List, pop up at Mamma Gkika's tending the damaged Gilgamesh Wulfenbach before they go on stage for the nightly show. (Show what? Never mind.) They cluck over Gil for a while, sizing him up as a boyfriend for Agatha, until Mamma Gkika herself shows up to take control and get Gil fully functional again.

In one of those handy bits of dialog that characters thoughtfully engage in for the benefit of us readers, Da Girlz explain their shtick: they're barmaids who dress up as Jägermonsters to add a bit of titillation to the scene at Mamma Gkika's, which has a Jägermonsterish theme to drag in the tourists. (Of course, there's also another, hidden reason for the Jäger-theme, but let's not get into that.) The costuming is remarkably complete; for example, Da Girlz have the same exaggerated, fangy teeth as the Jägers themselves do (wonder what the orthodontist thought about that job?...).

Once Da Girlz have handed Gil off to the ministrations of Mamma Gkika, they head off to do their thing on stage for the Jägers . After the nightly bar fight starts , they perform a show with a different tone (and different costumes) at the touristy Mamma Gkika's. However, one of them has suggested the possibility of a private performance for Ognian after the show is over. The mind positively boggles...

There is a subtle implication of a possible deeper association, as each of Da Girlz is flirting with the one of Da Boyz she most matches in color of costume and cheek make-up color.

Identification Edit

Identifying information:

Instrument Tuba Accordion Horn
Hair Black Curly Brown Blond
Jacket Red Blue Green
Pants White Purple Light Green
Hat Smaller Tall Napoleonic
Height Shorter Taller Taller