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Jenka is the leader of a squad consisting of herself and three other wild Jägers, responsible for searching for a Heterodyne heir.

She has long white hair, skin of a warm grey shade, and dark eyes. She wears a cavalry-inspired dark purple outfit with a cloak and a breastplate; a pistol of some sort is holstered on her left hip, although she seems to prefer fighting with a broadsword; and seems to be right-handed. She also keeps her lower face wrapped, giving her an air of mystery past that of "what, a female Jäger?!".

Jenka first appears, riding her huge bear, Füst, when attempting to rescue her squad from the town of Zumzum's gallows. Due to small town paranoia, she is attacked and defends herself capably until she attacks Agatha, who had shot at her with a death ray. She and Füst are attacked in turn by Othar Tryggvassen and Krosp, then "chased" out of town when Agatha frees the three hanging Jägers.

After she is briefed by the "three eediots", she goes off for "more instructions" while leaving her boys to keep Agatha in one piece. She catches them up at Mechanicsburg, which Jägers are currently forbidden to enter, and tells them she had been travelling, delivering messages and "causink trouble".

She helps get Gilgamesh Wulfenbach off the field of battle after he defeats the Knights of Jove outside of the walls of Mechanicsburg, and helps take him to Mamma Gkika's for treatment.

She is present in the refugee caves after Agatha escapes Martellus von Blitzengaard after the Time-Skip. As she gives a report of activity in the pass, she is surprised to see her lady Agatha had returned.

Fan Theories Edit

Fans love to speculate about the mysterious Jenka. (Hey, she's awesome and we've never even seen her face.) Discussion about Jenka can be found on the Fan Theories forum.

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