A character in the Revenge of the Weasel Queen radio play. He's first seen in an unconscious state after Agatha, Zeetha, Krosp and Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer dispose of a small pack of lapinemoths, leaving Herr Oxclonker and an oddly-dressed woman who takes a shine to Othar. Only after Othar consents to walk the mystery lady home does Jorf fill the others in on what they've done: she's none other than Ferretina, the Evil Weasel Queen Herself, and they've thoughtfully delivered Othar into her clutches. Our heroes' reaction to this revelation is surprisingly ambivalent....

Herr Oxclonker is a resident of Zoggletonk, the village that has summoned the famous Othar and his not-so-famous (but more competent) colleagues to deal with the plague of lapinemoths and their mistress/creator. If his description of Ferretina's male victims is to be believed, Jorf is a well-formed, lusty young man over six feet tall and under the age of twenty-five. His reaction to seeing Othar packed off to mortal danger in Ferretina's lair? Why, notify Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, of course. Agatha, Zeetha and Krosp have the good sense not to do this, and so there's a Revenge of the Weasel Queen, Part 2 with additional shoes to be dropped, cliffs to be hung, and so on.

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