Jorgi[1] is a Jäger officer. As with most of the Jägerkin at the time of our story, he served Pax Transylvania until it became clear that Agatha would be recognized as the Heterodyne. His hat is a Czapka (more properly called a Rogatywka). He is more educated than most Jägers, having been taught how to read (and forced to study philosophy[2]) by his father. He also claims to be a good cook.[3]

Just before the Doom Bell rings, Jorgi commands forces who take over the command ship of the Heliolux Air Fleet. Their plan is to land and enter Mechanicsburg through the Gate of Monsters. Apparently they succeed, as later he takes Tarvek to visit the Jägergenerals[4] and then assists in the Vespiary Squad rescue. However, he suffers broken bones in the shoulder and both legs[5] while fighting a weasel-based monster.[6] Tarvek must carry him out —while he chatters away— along with Ruxala and a stack of Dr. Bren’s journals. And weasel kits. While pursued by a surprisingly mobile hive queen.

The WorksEdit

Jorgi first appeared in the Works as a Wulfenbach Jäger, so-dressed in a green uniform similar to that of the Jäger Sergeant in Volume I . “Details” indicate Mad, Soldier, and Construct.


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