The König is the Bear King. The Bears he rules are probably the same creatures as the Swartzwalders from The Works, where he was referred to as the Bärenkönig, but neither they nor he have been addressed as such in the comic yet. He carries a gold crown on a chain around his neck, presumably intended to be worn by the Bears' Master, and has a shoulder-guard emblazoned with a capital "F". His chosen armament is a giant curved saber with a blade as long as a man's height.

When we first meet the bears, they serve Tweedle, the former chief apprentice of Dimitri Vapnoople, their creator. Tweedle brings them to St. Szpac, just in time for them to help defeat The Beast and meet their Master, Krosp I. After the battle, in which König is almost killed, he finds a new career helping to drive the train, while the rest of the bears follow Krosp on an unexplained mission. Much later, we learn that the mission was to attack Castle Wulfenbach, rescue Dr. Vapnoople, and bring him to England to seek asylum for him.

"König" is German for "King."

The Works Edit

The instructions for the Bärenkönig card (Bear, King) indicate that its replacement is to be played face down.