Historian and wife of Professor Phil Foglio, the brilliant and beautiful Kaja Foglio[3] is one of the few recognized authorities on the early life of Agatha Heterodyne. Along with her husband, Phil, and Professor Cheyenne Wright, Prof. Foglio has compiled an exhaustive collection of stories[4] about the young heroine in a fun and easy to read format for her dedicated students at Transylvania Polygnostic University. The author information in Volume VI also describes her as "an enthusiast of some of the more esoteric practices of the select Asian subculture known as O-ta-ku" and notes that "Her knowledge of implausible coeducational harem comedies has been invaluable...."

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She is one of the primary culprits behind the Agatha Heterodyne radio plays, and has (probably) appeared twice in the comic proper:

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Mc-suleiman med

Suleiman's Legacy, done for Magic: The Gathering

Because too many sparks fail to understand the need for dramatic tension, the Professors Foglio are now in our dimension, where they have found a more appreciative audience for their tales of adventure. Before Girl Genius, Kaja Foglio was perhaps best known for her artwork in collectible card games, becoming a fan favorite for her prolific work in early editions of Magic: The Gathering.
Bottle gnomes

Charming and quirky Bottle Gnomes. Note background cogs.

She has also produced original artwork for convention programs and posters, and illustrated several fantasy novels, including the World Fantasy Award winning Bridge of Birds.

Kaja founded Studio Foglio, LLC in 1995, originally for independent distribution of her art prints, but it has since turned its primary focus to being the extremely productive publisher and distributor of Girl Genius. Airship Entertainment, a branch of the Studio, has an on-line store offering trade paperbacks, cloisonné pins, music, games, these really great-looking backpacks and occasionally seasonal or food novelties. And goggles, in two different colors!

One of her current Girl Genius-specific projects is writing and co-illustrating the Girl Genius Sourcebook and Roleplaying Game, to be powered by GURPS (Generic Universal Roleplaying System) and published by GURPS creator and iconic gaming publisher Steve Jackson Games. According to a phone interview conducted on January 27, 2008 (Part 2 is here), Kaja said that Agatha's story is approaching a pausing point which would allow the RPG to be published with both crystallized concepts and characters, and without spoiling the storyline for readers. She also mentioned that Steve Jackson is the most patient man in the world. Kaja has referred to the RP manual as a sort of Secret Blueprints Volume II.


Muggle disguise!

Kaja has lately been spotted frequenting cons, where she has entertained audiences by reading the part of Agatha in the radio plays.

She also comments intermittently on her LiveJournal in-between catching up on copious amounts of blog comments and e-mail, and renovating the Studio Foglio/Airship Entertainment website. (Also, she has a husband, a couple of kids, an office reported to be buried in paper, and a stack of manga.)

Go here for a peek at her comic style artwork -- not to mention a good story about a girl and her bear.[5]

Known to travel and seen in attendance at various steam powered conventions.

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