The Klaus Defence League ('Haus of Klaus') believes that Klaus Wulfenbach is neither evil nor a villain, although he does serve as antagonist; the membership defend his actions on the Girl Genius Yahoo! group and wherever else as appropriate.

One of the most important points which has been internally debated to jell a common position statement has been on Baron Wulfenbach's history of performing involuntary brain surgery to force behaviour changes and to study the organic seat of the Spark.

The Haus of Klaus exists as a community on LiveJournal. Community membership is open; the community is moderated by Corgi ('Corgi' on Wikia, 'sffcorgi' on Yahoo!) and Nakedkali ('Aseachangea' on Yahoo!).

Membership in the KDL itself, however, is by invitation only, and is dependent on making a post that captures Corgi's or Sea Change's attention on the Yahoo! Group Girlgenius or if you're really lucky, in the Haus of Klaus. Fervent belief in the strictures of the KDL must be demonstrated in a convincing and creative fashion.

It shares its blog-hosting origin with Girl Genius Lab: Agatha's Minions.