Kraddok is the helmsman for the pink airship that appears over Mechanicsburg to disgorge Zola "Heterodyne" and start the attempted takeover of Castle Heterodyne. He's a crusty old fellow who's been around for long enough to remember when it was a Very Bad Idea to occupy this particular bit of airspace, and as a consequence, he doesn't like it at all when Duke Strinbeck and Baron Oublenmach require him to park the airship there. His discomfort turns to near-hysteria when Mechanicsburg prepares to defend itself, presumably having been woken by Agatha. Although some of his shipmates think he's mad or paranoid, Captain Abelard, to his credit, is more inclined to take his advice than that of his employers.

Kraddok has been around long enough to recognize the Torchmen, Mechanicsburg's anti-airship defense system, when he sees them. It's fair to say that this provokes a certain confrontation aboard ship.