According to Abner, in a story intended to deter Krosp from inquiring more deeply into Moxana's nature (in fact, she is a Muse), Kurtz was a dwarf who used to operate the clank until he was killed by some bad clams (with axes ). In fact, telling this story was an example of Abner's poor ideas, as Krosp obviously offered to take Kurtz' place. It would have been an excellent job for the logical, competitive, but hard to make use of Krosp.

Most likely Kurtz is entirely metafictional.

See also Edit

  • The Socket Wench of Prague -- the performance of which would have been another of Abner's poor ideas, if they had been given the choice

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

The German word "kurz" means "short".

Having a dwarf competant at chess running a supposed chess-playing automaton is a ruse that has been used one or more times in our world.

Scott R. Kurtz is the name of a webcomic artist whose work is not necessarily universally well-liked,[1] but was one of the first to have substantial financial success. He was also one of the first to introduce the "Pirate vs. Ninja" meme. It is perhaps of note that Kurtz, personally, is an extremely large man.


  1. Whose is? But especially among those who still expected Internet-enabled media to be avant-garde

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