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Relaying unpleasant news.

“Super-engineered squirrels, or something,” the Lackya were minions of the Gilded Duke before the Baron squashed him.[1] Like the Jägermonsters, the Lackya must have a master, and signed on with Wulfenbach. They do not get along with the Jägers.

The Lackya appear as fair-skinned (“Caucasian”) men with white or light grey/silver hair (with one exception ), and green eyes (green sclera with dark irises). Their typical uniform is a fuchsia coat with gold trim, a double-buttoned white waistcoat and black trousers. Sleipnir refers to them as "the footmen."

They have been known to hiss when sufficiently aggravated. Since squirrels (whether super-engineered or otherwise) aren't known for hissing, this, along with their eyes, may indicate what "or something" might be.

While they look rather weak and have rather effete mannerisms - and are teased endlessly by the Jägers - one was seen punching a hole through the head of a warrior wasp, and they do seem to be quite willing to throw themselves into a good scrap.


  1. Zo de Baron has dem delivering messages und annoying pipple.

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