Professor Laurie E. Smith conducts "experiments with blasphemous color theory" and was responsible for coloring Volume IV (Agatha Heterodyne and The Circus of Dreams), from print issue #9 until Professor Cheyenne Wright took over in Volume V.

Her contributions are characterised by rich, vivid color and a nearly surreal smoothness, shinyness and roundness on skin and clothing. This is not to imply she forgot detail - she was the first to show us Baron Klaus Wulfenbach's stitches.

She is also from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and as a colorist has many prestigious projects under her belt. Her short biography on the Prism Comics website notes that her portfolio "includes 22 issues of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, 4 issues of Black Orchid, and 15 issues of The X-Files from Topps, for which she received an Eisner Award nomination in 1996." She also has many more titles to her credit, and some of her work can be viewed at her Wizkids page.

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