Lieutenant "Scopes" Krishnamurti is a member of the First Subterranean Mecha Mole Brigade, serving Baron Wulfenbach; she serves under Major Resetti. Her one appearance thus far has been an arrival via the Dante's Gadabout, though whether she is permanently assigned to this specific craft or was merely making use of it is unknown.

Scopes appears to have some aptitude for Science; Resetti notes that she was able to construct a 3D Sonar Compass, and she is seen wearing a large amount of technical gear, including, of course, the scopes that lend her her nickname. This may mean that she is a minor Spark, though that has not been confirmed.

Her complexion and name suggests she was drawn to service in the Empire from far to the East, outside of the extent of The Baron's Peace, which prompts one to wonder about Wulfenbach hiring incentives.