The Studio Collections Edit

In chronological order, the collected material[1] in trade paperback (and limited edition hardback) is:

Vol. SP TP Visual Page Count Extras
Agatha Heterodyne and the ... The First Journey of Agatha Heterodyne
Beetleburg Clank I 81 96
Airship City II 100 112
Monster Engine III 123 128
Circus of Dreams IV 114 128
Clockwork Princess V 104 112
Golden Trilobite VI 152 160
Voice of the Castle VII 117 128
Chapel of Bones VIII 123 136
Heirs of the Storm IX 128 144
Guardian Muse X 126 152
Hammerless Bell XI 159 168
Siege of Mechanicsburg XII 177 192
Sleeping City XIII 152 162
The ... The Second Journey of Agatha Heterodyne
Beast of the Rails 2-1 120 128
City of Lightning 2-2 120 128
Incorruptible Library 2-3 122 -
Page Total 2018

SP = Story Pages: These page counts are for the pages devoted to the story. Introductory/copyright pages and pages of extras (bonus material) are not counted.

TP = Total Pages: All pages in a volume, including introductory/copyright pages and pages of extras.

Visual Page Count: A bar graph representing the length of each volume in pages. The blue section represents story pages and the green section represents the remaining pages. The total length of the bar is proportional to the total length of each volume.

Extras means that there are additional pages of art or story before or after the main Girl Genius episode contained in the volume.

Other Editions Edit

In addition to issues 1-13 of the original comics, still available at comic stores and the like, there are:

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  1. The term "studio collections" is used by the Foglios in their online store to distinguish their collections of Girl Genius comics from the color omnibus series published by Tor, as well as from their prose novel series.

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