Short Stories and Radio Theater breaks are, for the most part, interludes that interrupt the normal schedule of page updates for the main Girl Genius story. The Foglios claim that they think of them as "vacations" from the story, but they have also referred to them as "fake vacations," since they are still doing as much work as they would be if they were posting the main story. Even the break between the end of volume 13 and the beginning of act 2, volume 1, drawn by guest artist Christopher Baldwin, was not a complete vacation, although the Foglios were actually on a vacation trip during part of it, since Kaja still had to add the dialog, text, and sound effects, as well as post the pages (and Cheyenne was still coloring them).

The official Girl Genius site has a page linking to some of the short stories. This includes a listing for "The Heterodyne Boys and the Dragon from Mars," which is part of the main story, although it is a fictional story within the story.

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