You can learn a lot about a culture by observing what its people (defining "people" rather loosely) drink. As early as the sixth day of the story, when Moloch von Zinzer is seen cradling a bottle of "Old Electro Plate" hooch, it's clear that the culture of Europa has ... different ... attitudes toward such things than our own. (Actually, his brother Omar had his own rotgut on display one day earlier, but its label is only partially legible -- some kind of "absynthe," apparently.) Following is a list of some of the beverages that appear in the story. This list is undoubtedly incomplete; help it grow!

Name of beverage 1st mention Location Notes
Old Electro PlateOld Electro Plate 2002/11/15 Beetleburg Keeping Moloch von Zinzer warm
Beetle BeerBeetle Beer 2003/02/26 Beetleburg Consumed by Moloch von Zinzer as he mourns his brother
Dynamo WineDynamo Wine, Whale Ale, One Mean Mead, Cyclops [obscured] 2003/11/10 Castle Wulfenbach Part of Hezekiah Donowitz' hoard for the party
Old Upside Down AleOld Upside Down Ale, Formula 73A 2003/11/12 Castle Wulfenbach More of Hezekiah's hoard for the party
Spark GapSpark Gap, Aqua Regia, Jack, Old Hypothesis ("Let's Try It!") [obscured], Sweet Spanner(?) [more obscured, but legible in the printed version] 2003/11/12 Castle Wulfenbach Still more of Hezekiah's hoard for the party
Potato SurprisePotato Surprise, Blue Lightning, Oktober Frenzy, Drink Me 2003/11/12 Castle Wulfenbach Even more of Hezekiah's hoard for the party; others seen indistinctly
Something Positive TonicProf. Milholland's "Something Positive" Tonic 2007/03/19 Mechanicsburg Prof. Milholland's "Something Positive" Tonic! Advertised on a poster (Shoutout to R.K. Millholland / Something Positive)
DiggerDigger 2007/03/21 Mechanicsburg "Drink Digger!" Advertised on a poster (Shoutout to Ursula Vernon / Digger)
Heterodyne TonicHeterodyne Tonic 2007/03/23 Mechanicsburg "It's Heterodynamic! 3¢ - and Worth It!" Advertised on a poster
Spark RoastSpark Roast 2007/06/20 Mechanicsburg See the article for more
Slightly Better Than DeathSlightly Better Than Death 2008/05/02 Mechanicsburg Served to Gil by Mamma Gkika. Is this Battle-Draught?
Killer BrauKiller Brau 2008/05/14 Mechanicsburg Served at Mamma Gkika's
Electric Acid 200 Proof Sugar DoomElectric Acid 200 Proof Sugar Doom 2008/10/06 Castle Wulfenbach (presumably) One of Theo's concoctions; Inspires memories of wariness in Gil.
Crimson Dark Winter AleCrimson Dark Winter Ale 2008/11/28 "The castle" Being sipped by Agatha in the Cinderella end-of-year vignette (Shoutout to David C. Simon / Crimson Dark)
Lingonberry SnapLingonberry Snap 2009/1/16 Mechanicsburg Baron Wulfenbach sent fifty hogsheads of double-fortified Lingonberry Snap instead of troops to control Mechanicsburg residents.
YennyYenny 2009/2/22 Castle Heterodyne Gilgamesh Wulfenbach is drinking a bottle of of Yenny with waiting with Zola "Heterodyne" for Agatha Heterodyne to show up. (Shoutout to David Álvarez / Yenny)

In addition, there are many uses of plain old tea (Gil's favorite) and non-specific coffee, but never under a given trade name.

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