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Expletive is a @#^$(*@% term in linguistics for a #@$%&$&! meaningless word filling a ~$#**$@#%!@#$ syntactic vacancy (syntactic expletives). Rather than actually meaning something in itself, it suggests the strength of feeling, usually anger or irritation, but sometimes admiration, etc. Meaningless uses of inoffensive words are seldom referred to as "expletive", but do technically count. Europa has some expletives and expressions unique to their use as well as the ones we're used to. They are listed below with who said them:

Expletive Name Comic
Mon dieu! Glassvitch, HugoHugo Glassvitch 20021129 2002-11-29 (Friday)
Mon dieu! Glassvitch, HugoHugo Glassvitch 20021216 2002-12-16 (Monday)
Mon dieu! Fashion ClankFashion Clank 20080116 2008-01-16 (Wednesday)
Mein gott! DuMedd, TheopholousTheo DuMedd as Lucrezia[1] 20030829 2003-08-29 (Friday)
Dios ~ doctorUnnamed doctor 20030219 2003-02-19 (Wednesday)
Good Lord Marie, CountessCountess Marie 20050228 2005-02-28 (Monday)
Good Lord Mekkhan, Carson vonCarson von Mekkhan 20070820 2007-08-20 (Monday)
B'god Radio-Hat, CaptainCaptain Radio-Hat 20071121 2007-11-21 (Wednesday)
Götterdämmerung! Wulfenbach, KlausKlaus Wulfenbach 20030122 2003-01-22 (Wednesday)
Gott's little feesh in trousers! MinskMinsk 20031015 2003-10-15 (Wednesday)
Gott's leedle feesh in trousers! Gkika, MammaMamma Gkika 20120502 2012-05-02 (Wednesday)
heavens, GoodGood heavens Wulfenbach, KlausKlaus Wulfenbach 20070716 2007-07-16 (Monday)
heavens, GoodGood heavens Dolokhov, BorisBoris Dolokhov 20031124 2003-11-24 (Monday)
heavens, GreatGreat heavens Mekkhan, Carson vonCarson von Mekkhan 20070305 2007-03-05 (Monday)
heavens, GreatGreat heavens Sun Jen-djiehDoctor Sun 20070514 2007-05-14 (Monday)
heavens, GreatGreat heavens Wulfenbach, KlausKlaus Wulfenbach 20070709 2007-07-09 (Monday)
heavens, GoodGood heavens Sturmvoraus, TarvekTarvek Sturmvoraus 20100118 2010-01-18 (Monday)
What the hell Tiktoffen, HristoTiktoffen 20070730 2007-07-30 (Monday)
Blast it Beetle, TarsusTarsus Beetle 20021209 2002-12-09 (Monday)
Blast it Beetle, TarsusTarsus Beetle 20030113 2003-01-13 (Monday)
Blast Malfeazium, ZolaZola Malfeazium 20100910 2010-09-10 (Friday)
fire, redRed fire Wulfenbach, KlausKlaus Wulfenbach 20030416 2003-04-16 (Wednesday)
fire, redRed fire ZuliSergeant Zuli 20050603 2005-06-03 (Friday)
Drat Wulfenbach, KlausKlaus Wulfenbach 20040430 2004-04-30 (Friday)
Drat Tryggvassen, OtharOthar Tryggvassen 20040709 2004-07-09 (Friday)
Dem ~ JägerUnnamed Jäger 20030113 2003-01-13 (Monday)
DamnDamn Wulfenbach, KlausKlaus Wulfenbach 20040908 2004-09-08 (Wednesday)
DamnDamn DuPree, BangladeshBangladesh DuPree 20050121 2005-01-21 (Friday)
DamnnationDamnation Wulfenbach, GilgameshGilgamesh Wulfenbach 20060301 2006-03-01 (Wednesday)
DamnBy damn! Mekkhan, Carson vonCarson von Mekkhan 20071029 2007-10-29 (Monday)
Confound it Wulfenbach, GilgameshGilgamesh Wulfenbach 20070716 2007-07-16 (Monday)
For pity's sake Wulfenbach, KlausKlaus Wulfenbach 20070716 2007-07-16 (Monday)
lightning, sweetSweet lightning. Sturmvoraus, TarvekTarvek Sturmvoraus 20060426 2006-04-26 (Wednesday)
lightning, sweetSweet lightning! AbnerAbner 20061013 2006-10-13 (Friday)
lightning, sweetSweet lightning! Zinzer, Moloch vonMoloch von Zinzer 20030319 2003-03-19 (Wednesday)
What on— Heterodyne, AgathaAgatha Heterodyne 20031208 2003-12-08 (Monday)
lightning, sweetSweet lightning! Heterodyne, AgathaAgatha Heterodyne 20050307 2005-03-07 (Monday)
Suffering sanddragons! Diamant, WilhelmWilhelm Diamant 20071022 2007-10-22 (Monday)
Dear, meDear me Heterodyne, CastleCastle Heterodyne[2] 20071019 2007-10-19 (Friday)
dear, ohOh, dear. Heterodyne, CastleCastle Heterodyne 20090417 2009-04-17 (Friday)
dear, ohOh, dear. Heterodyne, CastleCastle Heterodyne 20090527 2009-05-27 (Wednesday)
Bloody ~ assassinUnnamed assassin 20070611 2007-06-11 (Monday)
By Gwangi! ZeethaZeetha 20071212 2007-12-12 (Wednesday)
Ashtara above! ZeethaZeetha 20080512 2008-05-12 (Monday)
Ashtara's toerings! ZeethaZeetha 20090626 2009-06-26 (Friday)
Jeez Heterodyne, AgathaAgatha Heterodyne 20031114 2003-11-14 (Friday)
Jeez KrospKrosp 20041006 2004-10-06 (Wednesday)
Jeez ~ Wulfenbach soldierUnnamed Wulfenbach soldier 20071224 2007-12-24 (Monday)
Jeez ViolettaVioletta 20090824 2009-08-24 (Monday)
Jeez Vespiary SquadVespiary Squad member 20120615 2012-06-15 (Friday)
Daughter of thunder! Zinzer, Moloch vonMoloch von Zinzer 20030226 2003-02-26 (Wednesday)
The heck Zinzer, Moloch vonMoloch von Zinzer 20031126 2003-11-26 (Wednesday)
Oh my gosh! Zinzer, Moloch vonMoloch von Zinzer 20091109 2009-11-09 (Monday)
Pull the rip panel[3] ~ airmanairman Keller 20080721 2008-07-21 (Monday)
I don't give a bent gear Strinbeck, DukeDuke Strinbeck 20080723 2008-07-23 (Wednesday)
Get wound! Wulfenbach, GilgameshGilgamesh Wulfenbach 20040225 2004-02-25 (Wednesday)
Get wound. Wheelwright, IttoItto Wheelwright 20030908 2003-09-08 (Monday)
Freefalling hell KraddokKraddok 20080801 2008-08-01 (Friday)
Geargrit Zinzer, Moloch vonMoloch von Zinzer 20080901 2008-09-01 (Monday)
By de Name — OgnianOgnian 20060607 2006-06-07 (Wednesday)
Thank God. Sturmvoraus, TarvekTarvek Sturmvoraus 20080910 2008-09-10 (Wednesday)
Curses! Wulfenbach, GilgameshGilgamesh Wulfenbach 20081006 2008-10-06 (Monday)
Wow! various 20081022 2008-10-22 (Wednesday)
—the Devil?! Wulfenbach troops captain 20090119 2009-01-19 (Monday)
Good Lord GrantzGrantz 20090128 2009-01-28 (Wednesday)
Madre de Diodes DiazProfessor Diaz 20090520 2009-05-20 (Wednesday)
Holy Smoke! Zinzer, Moloch vonMoloch von Zinzer 20080903 2008-09-03 (Wednesday)
—may her bones burn green Von PinnVon Pinn 20090713 2009-07-13 (Monday)
Rigger Rats! O’Hara, SleipnirSleipnir O’Hara 20030530 2003-05-30 (Friday)
fire, blueBlue fire! Sturmvoraus, TarvekTarvek Sturmvoraus 20100723 2010-07-23 (Friday)
devilWhat the devil was that all about? Madame, OlgaMadame Olga 20041029 2004-10-29 (Friday)
damnI don't give a damn about… Wulfenbach, KlasBaron Wulfenbach 20040908 2004-09-08 (Wednesday)
what's—OW! ~ soldierUnnamed soldier 20021108 2002-11-08 (Friday)
Die slowly like the miserable rats you are! Heterodyne, AgathaAgatha Heterodyne 20021122 2002-11-22 (Friday)
Hoka hey! We're still alive! ThunderingThundering Engine Woman 20050117 2005-01-17 (Monday)
By Ashtara's holy daggers… ZeethaZeetha 20120416 2012-04-16 (Monday)
you filthy thief of souls… Von PinnVon Pinn/Otilia 20100730 2010-07-30 (Friday)
what in crackthunder is… unnamed Wulfenbach? soldierunnamed Wulfenbach? soldier 20130213 2013-02-13 (Wednesday)
Smagga du BOKK! VelixMadame Velix 20151021 2015-10-21 (Wednesday)


  1. In the story "The Dragon from Mars".
  2. Through the Throne of Faustus Heterodyne.
  3. In ballooning (and presumably also true for airships) a rip panel allows for the rapid release of the balloon's contents. In other words "lose the hot air".

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