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Breakage happens.

Date Notes
2003-10-17 (Friday) Agatha waits for Gorb and Minsk's famous "bad plan" exchange to complete.
2008-06-18 (Wednesday) Gil waits for Oggie and Maxim to abort their suicide pact
2011-02-23 (Wednesday) Two copies of Lucrezia have flash of genre-savvy and "Lunevka" looks out of panel (though a bit behind...)
2011-12-19 (Monday) Tarvek as Othar presents him as “Gilgamesh Wulfenbach... master of disguise.”
2012-06-06 (Wednesday) Tarvek looking over his shoulder to the readers as Jorgi is told that he is missing a great fight.
2012-09-12 (Wednesday) Agatha looks sardonically to the reader while sparks hail Tarvek as 'one of the greats'.
2014-04-07 (Monday) Bang refers to the work title in the first panel, and Gil looks out from second panel.
2015-08-05 (Wednesday) Agatha looks out of the panel and quietly fumes while a monologue declares kidnapping ladies isn't needed if you're the Master of Paris.
2016-01-11 (Monday) Zeetha reacts to Larana Chroma's inability to tell Jiminez Hoffmann she loves him, as well as Hoffman's inability to do the do the same to Colette Voltaire, by making a comment to the reader in the last panel.
2016-04-18 (Monday) Violetta casts an exasperated glance at the reader while Aldin rants.
2016-05-23 (Monday) Agatha celebrates
2016-05-25 (Wednesday) Agatha reacts in final panel, apparently to mental image of Aldin in a silly loincloth outfit.

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