Heterodyne shows are the popular theatre of GG Europa. There is (apparently) a known canon, based very loosely on the facts of the Heterodyne Boys life and work. Some of the stories we actually know something about. Note: there are Heterodyne stories within Girl Genius, and at least one Heterodyne story that is NOT known within Girl Genius.

Stories That Agatha Might Know About:Edit

  • The Heterodyne Boys and the Mystery of the Thrice-Dark City[1]

The Story That Agatha Doesn't Know AboutEdit

Because as far as her world goes, it Didn't Happen:

Stories That No-One Knows AboutEdit

Seventh Sanctum Heterodyne Story Generator


  1. Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, p. 1
  2. "Hey, Klaus, what are you doing in the tar vat?" "You put it under the hatch, you great idiot!" Punch scratched his head. "Wull, iffen you hadn't been runnin' away…"

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