Lord Floriel Flametongue is a noble dragon who is not named in the comic, but is bestowed with the contemptuous nickname "pretty boy" by Franz Scortchmaw during their battle. His name is revealed on a card in the Girl Genius- and Gunnerkrigg Court-themed game Legendary Showdown: Machines and Magic.

Lord Floriel, with his loyal companion Gazpacho, came to Mechanicsburg to retrieve the Heterodyne Girl for the Baron with or without laying waste to the town. Franz contested him, but the red dragon had the upper hand in their struggle until Agatha gave Franz a power-boost . Their fight was at least temporarily interrupted by the arrival of The Real Knights of Jove.

Pretty boy seems educated enough to make references to Shakespeare and the Bible. His eye goggles are red as rubies. So he sees (or saw) the world through rose colored lenses just like Othar.

After (presumably) finishing the fight off-camera, Franz has been seen wearing Pretty Boy's faceplate and horns as a hat. It is unclear whether the horns are part of the hat or were part of Pretty Boy's head, so it is unknown how lethal removing this was for him, but he was unlikely to be in very good condition following the procedure.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

Pretty Boy and his sidekick Gazpacho appear to be modeled after Don Quixote and Sancho Panza.