According to Lady Vrin, Loremistress Milvistle was a Geisterdame who doubted the divinity of the Goddess.[1] Milvistle was apparently responsible for sabotaging the gateway to the Geister's home and destroying most of The Other's plans. Vrin also believed that Milvistle had help.[2] As she has only been mentioned twice so far (neither time in great detail), little is known about her apparently pivotal role in her betrayal of the Other or who her allies might have been, aside from other Geisterdamen who lost faith[3].

Milvistle is now, according to Vrin, deceased. However, since Zola mentions to Lucrezia Mongfish (in Agatha's body) that her mother kept Loremistress Milvistle "hidden for years ", it is possible she is not dead, just hidden away and perhaps even a willing part of the Storm King conspiracy.

Questions and Theories Edit

One of the great Girl Genius mysteries is the untold history of Lucrezia as The Other. Given that Loremistress Milvistle is apparently at the center of this mystery, few characters have invited as much lively debate or wilder speculation as has this one.


  1. "Oh, Lady. It was one of us!"
  2. "But there were signs she did not act alone."
  3. Zola: "Some of your priestesses learned to see you for the fraud you are!"

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