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Loremistress Milvistle and the Events at the Heterodyne CastleEdit

As Vrin explains to Lu-Agatha when they were transported "here" the portal blew up and the Ladies notes were burnt.

This meshes with the description of what happened at the castle the night of its destruction. And it parallels DuMedd's story to a certain degree as well.

The main problem with tying these two descriptions together is the timeline. When the Geisters were banished they had lost the baby. Which puts the banishment at the end of the other war. Where as the events at the castle happened at the beginning.

Of course there are time meddlers in this tale. So something might still tie the two events together. Moxana what do you have to say about this mystery?

Still the echoes of the events feel strange. I wonder.

People who support this theory: User:Rej Maddog

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Milvistle and JenkaEdit

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