Manual Magnetic Field Shaper is a fan created name for a piece of equipment that was used extensively in the battle against the Beast. Many of these devices were handed out to most of the major characters involved in the battle, as well as many of the Corbettite Monks and Martellus von Blitzengaard's knights. The name comes from a statement regarding their purpose[1] made by Brother Matthias. These devices are in the form of a staff quite a bit taller than a man. They consist of a pole (apparently made partly of copper and partly of something else, perhaps wood), narrow enough to be grasped with one hand, topped with another silvery metallic segment and then what seems to be a glass insulating section and then an octagonal frame with a ring (both possibly made of brass) and mirror-like silver-colored disk mounted in it in such a way that they seem to be able to rotate independently. A copper-colored handle (apparently partly wrapped with cloth strips or cord) is mounted on the pole below the insulator and heavy cables connect the octagonal frame with the upper metallic segment of pole below the insulator. These devices apparently work in conjunction with a much larger piece of equipment[2] that would seem to be source of the magnetic fields being shaped, since the stave-like devices have no obvious power supply.


  1. "—Now the Beast will be moving all over the place, but we can shape the field manually with these! " (See panel 4 for the statement and panel 3 for the identification of the type of field Matthias is talking about.)
  2. "K-VHROOOOM! " (See the last panel.)

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