We'll be back

Our Heroes (Plus Blonde Twit)

In the Mechanicsburg town square, there is a memorial statue of Bill & Barry Heterodyne. The Heterodyne Brothers are posed atop a plinth, at approximately twice lifesize in scale. The statue appears to me made from some dark, shiny material, possibly iron.[1] If so, it is obviously polished free of rust frequently.[2]

The inscription on the base of the statue reads, in part:

the rest of the inscription cannot be read. There is later shown a plaque on the statue:

  • Bill & Bar[ry]
  • Heterody[ne]
  • The heroes who...
  • saved hundreds...
  • they disappeared...
  • someday they... [will return].

Zola Malfeazium, in her role as the Fake Heterodyne, made a speech from atop the plinth.

Baron Klaus Wulfenbach visited Mechanicsburg after his return, and gave a thumbs up salute (frame #5) in imitation of the pose of the statue. His facial expression during this salute was, at best opaque; at worst, noncommittal.


  1. Other possibilities include German silver and bell metal.
  2. On the one hand, this is a great job for a minion. On the other hand, it may just be appropriately passivated.
  3. Or possibly Milk.

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