Medical corps

Triage and evacuation from the field

Wulfenbach tower winged
The Wulfenbach Medical Corps triage and evacuate the injured from the field of battle in swift airships to the most immediate full treatment facilities.

In that the medical ship Rozen Maiden was fired on as she left Sturmhalten airspace, it is uncertain if Red Cross/Crescent-type non-combatant rules apply to those displaying the Wulfenbach tower with the erroneous medical symbol snakes of Hermes's caduceus a European medical Corp would use the rod of Asclepius.[1] Sturmhalten's combat situations were unusual however, and the artillery shell's payload was monsters — not the usual signatories to the rules of war.

The ships are equipped with canvas stretchers for evacuation, and basic first aid supplies, (including splints) even on the ships' gigs .

It would not be unreasonable to extrapolate that the Medical Corps work with a network of hospitals on the order of the Great Hospital at Mechanicsburg, and might have some of the swiftest airships in the whole imperial fleet to ensure their patients get the fastest, most complete treatment as quickly as possible.

Known airshipsEdit


  1. "He was taken aboard a medical ship, as was Captain Dupree." - Sun Jen-djieh
  2. "He got them both into the gig and shoved off just as the ship went down." - Sun Jen-djieh

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