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A mimmoth, with scale item

A Mimmoth is a tiny Construct, a wooly mammoth the size of a rat.


Mimmoths compete with mice in much of the Girl Genius ecosystem, which is probably a good thing since they're at least cute and entertaining. They seem to be more apt than mice or rats to gravitate toward laboratories, and to gum up the works. Like all Constructs, they were originally created by a Spark.

It is known that mimmoths are tasty in a light butter sauce.[citation needed] It may or may not be significant that one of the bits of junk food served by Master Payne's Circus of Adventure is mimmoths on a stick. This name may, however, be figurative, just as a corn dog is not actually a type of dog, and elephant ears are actually fried dough. It may or may not be significant that pierogi can also come stuffed with mimmoth meat in the non-canon work.

Professor Moonsock seems to have trained some of them, and these, it appears, are not supposed to be eaten , though if necessary, they can be replaced by a qualified trapper.

Pursuit of flying pink mimmoths is a hazard of quaffing double-fortified lingonberry snap.

The first known appearance of a mimmoth in the story is here , in the dormitory's kitchen, but they might have shown up earlier in the chaos of Beetleburg. Mimmoths are like growf dragons in What's New in that they can be found throughout the whole oeuvre of Girl Genius — keep your eyes peeled, you might spot a few!


It is implied in the novelization (see below) that they were an attempt by a spark to breed full-sized mammoths smaller, so that they could be used as mounts. Maybe they overdid it.

Mimmoth SightingsEdit

Novelization Edit

In the time of Andronicus Valois, there were rumors that “one of the Heterodyne’s allies was trying to breed [Heterodyne war mammoths] down to the size where they could be ridden like horses.”[1]

Secret Blueprints Edit

Mimmoths are described in the Glossary of the Secret Blueprints, where it is mentioned they get into machines and cause problems with their tusks.

The WorksEdit

Mimmoths are also several cards in "The Works", where they are described as Pests as well as Constructs. The "Instruction" for the cards seems to imply that mimmoths travel or swarm in herds — obtain one mimmoth and you usually get them all.

Possibly Relevant Outside Information Edit

Diminutiveness/mammoths is not necessarily as contradictory an attribute/clade combination as it it might at first glance seem. Pygmy mammoths did in fact exist on the northern Channel Islands of California, and dwarf mammoths existed on Wrangel Island, which lies in the Arctic 120 miles off the coast of Northern Siberia[2] The terms "pygmy" and "dwarf" are only relative to their larger kin however; these miniatures stood about one-and-a-third to two meters tall in the case of the California Channel Islands pygmy mammoths[3] and roughly six feet high in the case of the Arctic dwarf mammoths[4] -- not the height of a rat, as is the case with the mimmoths.

Mimmoths were likely inspired by David Macauley's book The Way Things Work, which features mammoths (tiny and otherwise) living inside and manipulating the workings of various machines.


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